The Cold War was a militarized era.Technology had more power in it and was more heavy duty then 2000's technology.This technology is lighter and more modulated and cheaper.It could be from space and is robotech era technology.The earth's technology is more powerful in Cold War and in 80's.More heavy duty fighters that could bomb like army fighters as F-4 Phantom and more these fighters are carried into 2000's and systems are switched with cheaper systems.Everything now is cheaper.If in the Cold War we had internet.We should have but at the end in 90's.Because Cold War people are expert in 2000's over these generation people.But we lost 18th Century heritage from death.Our leadership and our heart of our order.Babyboomer era took us to 2000's and they will be in the place of 18th Century.Enemy of Cold War are years and decades tick by.Resources from then would have made earth space travelling and to compete with other galaxies.Star Trek Next Generation led the way in power.Bring back Star Blazers though and battleships.More lbs of thrust and detail in electronics systems and graphics.Our graphics look cheap without depth.It looks like a cut scene but does not play like one.At least we found ways and invented more things for Cold War years people to master.Fighters and carriers,battleships,frigates,armies,airforces and a naval powers.Toronto Airshow and F-22 Raptor.Monuverabilitiy.But to the older F-15 which stayed in there in 2000's and now is gone.Systems would go excellent with old days technology.Brilliant minds.Applied arts.Video games from Nintendo NES to PS3.Resident Evil games.Cars were more powerful back then and more moderated and modulated.This technology of 2000's can refine and modulate.We had more into computers to get into internet faster.Books and education and extra channels from Europe into North American channels past 100.Back then library replaced them.Our space power in NASA and Cape Canaveral.They still use some Cold War as support in every category.Education and women.They did not know about these models transexuals women.They are strong like men but models.Strong bodies.They are popular with technology.I am one and who I make is.Activities from outdoor to total indoor.